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Weekend Play in September (that you missed)
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Author:  kmitcham [ Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Weekend Play in September (that you missed)

We played 2 games, 1 pod, one cube draft at Card Kingdom on the 27th

The only thing we switched around with the pods was going up to 40 card minimum library, 6 vampire crypt minimum.

Kevin (Ventrue and weenies)-> Grayson (sabbat)->Brian (bleed)->John (malk bleed, but little stealth)->Jeremy (toreador combat)

Grayson had a first turn radio station, that gave intercept to Jeremies' first turn minion to stop my first acting minion from getting a title. Very sad. Graysons potence combat was fairly strong, but Kevin had fortitude. Brian and John put out some effective pressure, but Jeremy's bleed for one didn't impact Kevin much. Plus Kevin back-contested one of Jeremy's vampires. Brian tried to lunge for John, but the table conspired to stop him, leaving John at 1 pool. John lunged for Jeremy, brought him down to 1 pool, then they both got ousted when Jeremy took Sylvester Sims to torpor. So that was funny, if disappointing to Brian. Even more disappointing to Brian was that Grayson bleed him for 7 the next turn ousting him. Kevin and Grayson slogged it out, but eventually Kevin ground Grayson down, blocking hunts and sending guys to torpor, while gaining blood from the edge and Grayson's Powerbase Montreal. Kevin had 6 minions plus one in torpor, and eventually ousted him for the tie.

Second game was a draft. I spent much of it sulking after failing at draft.
Kevin (princeless votes)->Grayson (stealth bleed)->John (??)->Jeremy (ani combat?)->Brian (bounce/bleed).
Kevin had trouble voting, since a Justicar and prince came out before he could field a title. Plus he overspent getting out a prince and justicar of his own. Brian had a pulse of canae with perma-stealth, so he was pretty dead to begin with. Grayson wore down John, who had some back-block issues from Jeremy. The three way had Brian and Jeremy sort of teaming up, but eventually Brian picked up the remaining points.

I sort of wish we had stuck with one format, and played 3 games, but given how late we started I wanted to spend less time talking about playing, and more time playing. Ideally I'll keep the pod decks intact, and maybe even bring them again in future weeks.

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